Our first Parent Topic of the semester- Finding a New Normal Together– clearly supports the necessity for parents (and caregivers) to receive both social support and parenting education while caring for young children. Now that we are all familiar with the evidence-based research that clearly demonstrates why parents need support and education, we can begin the semester with certainly one of our most popular parenting topics- Healthy Family SleepLike many upcoming topics this semester, we hopefully will realize in our class discussions there just isn’t a one size fits all approach- rather, each family should approach sleep challenges individually.

The good news is that falling asleep is a habit, and all kids can learn it. While some kids have a harder time falling asleep than others, all children do eventually start falling asleep without a parent’s presence, and sleeping through the night most nights. 

Before your weekly TLC Play & Parenting class, please click HERE and review this excellent resource from AHaParenting.com on supporting toddlers and preschoolers falling asleep on their own. As always, your personal questions and experiences are welcome during our discussion time. We have no doubt there will be another caregiver in the room who is currently experiencing the same struggle. If you are a parent of an infant or baby, please click HERE and review this excellent (evidence-based resource from The New York Times) on Parent Guilt & Sleep Training. 

If your family would benefit from more individualized sleep support, please feel free to reach out to The Loved Child’s own sleep therapist HERE.