If you are a parent or loving caregiver and you feel your parenting would benefit from some extra support and care, The Loved Child (TLC Family Center) offers private individual consultations for expecting families and those with babies and young children. TLC consultations address numerous typical parenting experiences such as:


• Breastfeeding (see Lactation Consultations below)
• Sleep Support (infancy – preschool years)
• Pediatric & Family Nutrition (e.g. starting solids, picky eating, healthy snacks)
• Toilet Training
• Positive/Peaceful Parenting
• Separation Anxiety
• Toddler Hurting Behaviors (hitting, biting, pushing, throwing, pinching etc.)
• Tantrums
• Choosing the Best Childcare/Preschool for my Child
• Appropriate Developmental Discipline (limit setting)
• Sibling Rivalry
• Developmental Play & Milestones
• Preparing the Family for a Second Child

The professionals at The Loved Child (TLC) recognize that every family is unique and deserves individualized care. TLC specialists are available for one-time consultation requests or weekly/monthly phone meetings.


The phone consultations are scheduled at convenient times for your family such as nap time or in the evening hours so that more than one adult can be present. If you live in the Boston area and would prefer a face-to-face meeting, please let us know.


The initial phone meeting is a scheduled 50-minute session ($150). Follow-up phone meetings are 30 minutes ($75).

Please contact us for more information:

TLC Mini Lactation Consultations:


This is an abbreviated lactation consult perfect for women wanting to assess milk transfer or how much milk their baby is getting, women needing help correcting latch or help for nipple pain. The visit consists of a health/feeding history and evaluation of both mother and baby.


The Lactation consultant will witness a feeding, weigh baby before and after feeding and help troubleshoot any problems you are having.  A personalized feeding plan will be created and emailed to you within 24hrs of the appointment and a report faxed to your baby’s pediatrician.  Documentation will also be provided to you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  This visit typically takes 30-40 minutes to complete.


Upon registration you will need to fill out an in-take form and send it back before your consult. Upon review, the lactation consultants may suggest you would benefit from a full consult.


If you would prefer a full consultation for 90 minutes, please register for 2 consecutive mini-consults and use the code FULLCONSULT to receive the discounted price.


Mini Lactation Consult Cost: $150

Full Lactation Consult Cost: $250                                       


Lactation Consultants:
Katie Brown, RN, MSN, ANP-C, CBC

Request a Consultation: