Sleep Support

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Sleep Support


Sleep is such an important component of family life, and we know it is especially challenging to get enough sleep when parenting young children. TLC is happy to offer private one-on-one sleep support with a Certified Sleep Consultant to help you and your family with any sleep issues.


One-On-One Sleep Support | 50 minute phone or virtual session – $150
This consultation is for parents who seek personalized support from a Certified Sleep Consultant for general family sleep issues.


Intensive 2-week Sleep Support Package – $450

Our Sleep Consultant will work with you one-on-one, examining your child’s sleep habits to see where the sleep props exist. You will be given a customized 2-week package with night-by-night instructions to assist your child into falling asleep independently without any external help. Throughout the 2 weeks, you will be in constant contact with the Sleep Consultant to ensure that the plan is working, and you are moving toward your individual sleep goals.


To schedule a phone or virtual individual session, please fill out the Sleep Information Form below and a TLC Sleep Consultant will be in touch within 48 hours to schedule your appointment. Payment will be requested after the session(s).