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Soon you will be welcoming a new baby into your home.

The perinatal professionals at The Loved Child are here to support you and your growing family with our LIVE online interactive classes and private consultations. Come meet other parents-to-be and benefit from our helpful and educational prenatal services. And once your adorable baby arrives, join other new parents in our supportive and enjoyable  New Parents and Infants Class.

Prenatal Online Services

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Preparing For Childbirth


Learn what to expect with labor, birth, and the postpartum period in our Preparing for Childbirth class which will include the following topics:


Physical changes during pregnancy

Signs & stages of labor

When to call your provider

Pain relief options

Coping methods & comfort techniques

Role of the support person


Cesarean birth

Postpartum changes


There will be ample time for personal questions throughout the class as well. This 2- session class is intended for the person expecting & a support person.


Two 3-hour sessions: $186


Newborn 101


We all have parenting instincts that kick in after our babies are born, but informing those instincts with evidence-based information and expert advice through newborn classes makes raising babies with confidence so much easier. 


Our Newborn 101 class helps you learn about caring for your baby after birth. Topics include bringing baby home, infant sleep patterns and expectations, how to know what your baby wants by reading their cues, feeding choices, diapering, bathing, soothing your baby, illness, and more! 


One 3-hour session: $68


The Confident Breastfeeding Course – Live Online!


Prepare to breastfeed with confidence by attending this LIVE 4-Workshop Series. Sign up for one or all of these classes for one- on- one guidance with a pediatric dietitian and IBCLC.


Day 1: How to Achieve Easy Breastfeeding the First Day After Birth
Day 2: Get Comfortable: The Best Breastfeeding Position and How to Help Sore Nipples
Day 3: How to Know Baby is Eating Enough, What are Feeding Cues, and When the Heck Can I Feed a Bottle
Day 4: Pumping 101 and How to Build a Breastmilk Stash


 Facilitated by NurtureTalk


One 60 minute class: $35
All 4 classes: $120 (save $20)

Newborn Class for Grandparents-To-Be


These newborn classes for grandparents are designed to give key members of the family an update on recent changes in childbirth and early infant care. 


Back to Sleep, Tummy Time, Swaddling and Safety – we’ll get you up to speed, as well as discuss ways to support the new parents.


One 2-hour session: $48

New Parents & Infants Class

New Parents & Infants: The Fourth Trimester


Our TLC New Parents & Infants Class series is unique and unlike all other newborn classes. The curriculum focuses both on the development, behavior, and care of your new baby and also on the pivotal experiences of becoming a new parent.


This warm and supportive 6-week virtual class series includes:

• Expert guidance around baby-care skills, breast & bottle feeding, sleep, how to best support your baby’s development and learning, and so much more…

• The opportunity to discuss the experiences of becoming a new parent such as the inevitable physical and emotional changes, the possible shifts in your personal relationships, returning to work (or not), the importance of self-care, and so much more…

• A weekly TLC Newsletter with parent-friendly trusted resources to best prepare for the upcoming session topics.


This live class series is facilitated by an experienced perinatal nurse (and mother!). There will be ample time for personal questions and, of course, co-parents are most welcome.


Six 1-hour virtual sessions: $145

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Preparing the Family for a New Baby Sibling


Preparing the family for a new baby sibling can be simultaneously joyful and somewhat stressful.


At this parent-only workshop, parents will receive support and education about how best to prepare the family for the arrival of the newest baby. This workshop will include suggestions on how to prepare the sibling(s) for the separation from the parents during birth; recommendations for how to introduce the sibling(s) to the new baby; and a group discussion focused on the first weeks/months at home including possible parenting challenges. There will be time for personal questions & answers.


This workshop is geared toward both the expectant parents and siblings (2.9 years and older).


One 1.5-hour session: $35

One-On-One Support

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Prenatal Support


In addition to our interactive group workshops and prenatal classes online designed especially for parents-to-be, our team of perinatal experts also offers private one-on-one virtual sessions.

 TLC Prenatal Consultations are held by a professional childbirth and newborn-care educator and RN, who can address the following topics:


Labor & Delivery (labor stages, medications, induction, cesarean delivery, relaxation and breathing)

Your Newborn (appearances, reflexes and the first 24 hours)

The First Week Home From the Hospital

Infant Care and Development

Baby Gear and Home Safety

Sleep (safe sleep, sleep patterns)

Comfort Measures (soothing a crying baby)

Breast and Bottle Feeding


To schedule a phone or virtual individual session, please fill out the Prenatal Information Form below and a TLC specialist will be in touch within 48 hours to schedule your appointment.


One 50-minute session: $150

Three 50-minutes sessions (10% discount): $405

Four 50-minutes sessions (15% discount): $510

Five 50-minutes sessions (20% discount): $600