Infants (0-6 Months)

Newborn Classes, Workshops, and More


Newborn classes are a great way for new parents and experienced parents alike to learn the latest about newborn development, behavior, and parenting skills they’ll need during these first amazing and pivotal six months. Our online classes are fun, interactive, and educational for both parent and child. 


Check out our class and workshop offerings below!

New Parents & Infants Class: The Fourth Trimester


Our TLC Infancy & Newborn Parenting Online Class is unique and unlike all other newborn classes. The class curriculum focuses both on the development, behavior, and care of the baby but also on the pivotal experiences of becoming a new parent.


This supportive and educational 6-week class series includes a weekly new Parent Topic relevant to new parents as well as a weekly focus on an area of infant development or behavior.


Families enrolled in this newborn parenting class will also receive the TLC Weekly Newsletter with parent-friendly resources in preparation for the Parent Topic & the Infant Development/Behavior Focus. This newsletter also includes ideas for play & activities at home.

Mommy & Me | Baby Yoga & Massage

newborn baby in the lap of mother

This class provides a relaxed environment to explore yoga postures and self care techniques with your newborn infant. The hour-long class will include exercises for the child and for the adult. 


This is a newborn parenting class, too, so we also provide guidance for dealing with and/or preventing common repetitive stress injuries in new parents. 


This is a great opportunity to get the benefits of an asana (posture) practice while bonding with your child and having fun with other families!


Instructor: Nora Dybdal


Parent Workshops & Support Groups

parenting workshops


We welcome loving caregivers and parents to experience our expert-facilitated workshops on parenting topics from expectancy classes to newborn parenting classes all the way up to the teen years.

Lactation Consultations – Virtual Visits

breastfeeding. mother holding newborn baby in an embrace and breastfeed

More information coming soon!