Infants (0-6 Months)

Parenting & Infancy

TLC New Parenting & Infancy Classes are unique and unlike all other parent/infant classes! The enjoyable, educational, and evidence-based weekly curriculum EQUALLY supports the typical developmental process for both the new mother/father AND the infant(s). Each class includes a Parent Topic relevant to new parents, and a weekly focus on an area of infant development, and/or infant behavior. Families enrolled in the New Parent & Infancy class receive the TLC Weekly Newsletter with parent-friendly resources in preparation for the Parent Topic, Infant Development/Behavior Focus, and ideas for play & activities at home.


To promote early literacy, every family enrolled in the class, receives an age-appropriate board book to be shared in class weekly and daily at home. All classes are facilitated by a Masters-level trained Instructor.

Lactation Consultations

TLC Mini Lactation Consultations:


This is an abbreviated lactation consult perfect for women wanting to assess milk transfer or how much milk their baby is getting, women needing help correcting latch or help for nipple pain. The visit consists of a health/feeding history and evaluation of both mother and baby.


The Lactation consultant will witness a feeding, weigh baby before and after feeding and help troubleshoot any problems you are having.  A personalized feeding plan will be created and emailed to you within 24hrs of the appointment and a report faxed to your baby’s pediatrician.  Documentation will also be provided to you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  This visit typically takes 30-40 minutes to complete.


Upon registration you will need to fill out an in-take form and send it back before your consult. Upon review, the lactation consultants may suggest you would benefit from a full consult.


If you would prefer a full consultation for 90 minutes, please register for 2 consecutive mini-consults and use the code FULLCONSULT to receive the discounted price.


Mini Lactation Consult Cost: $150

Full Lactation Consult Cost: $250                                       


Lactation Consultants:
Katie Brown, RN, MSN, ANP-C, CBC

Daddy Time!

Daddy Time group will focus on the importance and power of play between father and child.  We will share and discuss what works best and support each other in cultivating developmentally appropriate play practices.   


Instructor:  John C. Carr, LICSW


This class is intended for dads and their children ages 1 month to 3 years.

Music & Movement with Jeff Jam

Come sing, dance, clap, stomp, shake, wiggle, laugh and jump with Jeff Jam at The Loved Child after nap time! Children (0-5 years), with a caregiver, will enjoy playing a variety of percussion instruments such as shaker eggs, rhythm sticks, tambourines and jingle bells. And, as current research in child development has shown, as you and your child learn and move to popular classic children’s songs, this musical experience will benefit all areas of your child’s development!

Each class is 45 minutes and limited to 15 families.


If you wish to join a series that has already begun, please contact us at to be added for a pro-rated amount. 



Baby Yoga with Nicole

This child-centered class gives caregivers the opportunity to bond with babies on the mat from their earliest days, connecting through gentle massage and developmentally supportive movements for the babies; and mindfulness, gentle stretching, and relaxation for the adults. A wonderful community for socializing babies (and their grown-ups!). This class is for newborns to pre-crawling babies; once babies start crawling they often want to visit other babies on their mats and this means it’s time for a toddler yoga class!


If you wish to join a series that has already begun, please contact us at



Parent Workshops & Support Groups

We welcome loving caregivers and parents to experience our expert-facilitated workshops on parenting topics from expectancy through the teen years.

Baby Prints Salt Marsh

Beautiful soft pastel baby hands and feet ceramic tiles to capture a moment in time with your child. Please register below AND set up an appointment time with Salt Marsh Pottery by calling: 800 859 5028.


Facilitator: Salt Marsh Pottery

Price: Varies depending on type of tile selected