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TLC Parents@Work: Making Family & Life, Work

The Loved Child’s interactive programs are live-streamed or facilitated in-person.

Why Working Parents Need Support

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One in 4 women consider ‘downshifting’ or leaving the workforce during Covid-19.

— Women in the Workplace Study, 2020

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More than 80% of employees with caregiving responsibilities admitted that their caregiving challenges have affected their work performance.

— Harvard Business School, 2019

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62% of employees would be willing to leave a job for another with improved benefits.

—, 2020

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Seventy percent of American parents report that their family responsibilities are a significant source of daily stress.

— American Psychological Association, 2020

Parents@Work Services: How to Invest in Parent Employees

The boundaries between family, life, and work have collapsed. Now is the time for businesses to invest in their parent employees by offering innovative and  personalized family – friendly benefits to help the integration of family, life, and work responsibilities.


The Loved Child’s professional team of parenting and wellness experts facilitate live (not pre-recorded) group series and individual services for parents-to-be, new parents, parents of young children, and parents of tweens and teens. Our parenting and wellness evidence-based curricula help create a positive, nurturing, and productive workplace culture by empowering and connecting parent employees.


The Loved Child’s cost-effective Parents@Work program is a win-win solution for both businesses and their parent employees. Transform the workplace culture by prioritizing the wellbeing of parent employees.  Investing in working parents helps businesses:

  • attract new top talent
  • increase retention rates & productivity
  • improve overall morale and company loyalty
  • decrease family, life, and work stress
  • build and nurture relationships between parent work colleagues
  • increase parent confidence and knowledge

­TLC Parents@Work Services

Organization Conversation Zoom Group

Expert-facilitated interactive group series for parent employees scheduled on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Parents@Work groups can be custom designed for Affinity and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Expert-facilitated educational group events on parenting, wellness, and career topics for both employees and business leaders. Parents@Work Seminars & Workshops can be custom designed for Affinity and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Individual private sessions for expecting parents and those with babies, young children, tweens, and teens.

Parenting & Wellness Topics

Expecting parent

Expecting Parents

Preparing for Work Leave, Navigating Childcare Options, Labor & Delivery, Newborns 101, and many more.

New parent and newborn

New Parents

Returning to Work after Parental Leave, Breastfeeding 101, The Fourth Trimester: Sleep Support and Calming Techniques, A Realistic Self-Care Plan, Housebound Fitness, and many more.

Parent with toddlers and young children

Parents of Toddlers & Young Children

Positive Discipline, Anger Management for Parents, Preventing Picky Eating, Sleep Support for Stressful Times, Mindfulness Strategies, Cultivating a Strong Relationship with Your Co-parent, and many more.

Parents of tweens & teens huddled together

Parents of Teens & Tweens

Parenting Battles in the Digital Age, Understanding the Teenage Brain, How to Talk with Teens about Their Bodies & Sexuality, Practicing Gratitude, How to Read a Food Label, and many more.

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