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Parenting Workshops for Parents of Elementary-age Children, Tweens, and Teens

We are quite certain there are moments you truly can’t believe that your little baby is now in elementary school or maybe even out and about as an independent tween or teenager! As our children reach these formative ages, it’s important to communicate with them openly and take part in important conversations about navigating their world, bodies, and social relationships. 


The Loved Child offers a variety of helpful parenting workshops for teens’ & tweens’ parents and caregivers. These expert-facilitated workshops bring parents together from the community so that we can feel empowered by evidence-based information and support one another around challenging topics such as screen-time use, social media, sexuality, and mental health.


TLC Conversation Groups for Parents of Tween/Teens


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Group of teenagers making different activities sitting in an urban area

Tween/Teen Screen Time & Social Media


There are so many messages out there about the effects of screen time and social media on our children. How do we know what’s best for our kids? 


This conversation will explore how social media and technology can (and is) affecting teens and tweens today. We’ll also use this parenting workshop to discuss tips and resources to navigate this new world of constant stimulation and influence.


Facilitated by: Wendy Conroy

Pornography & How to Talk with Your Youth About It


Many youth are seeing pornography online often and at younger ages than we would think. Because the mind of tweens and teens is so impressionable at this time of their lives, this exposure to pornography can directly shape how they think about relationships, gender, intimacy, and sex.


How do we talk about this with them to ensure that they are getting accurate information? Do you know how you can ensure that they’re receiving and understanding the messages & values we believe are important?

This conversation & parenting workshop for teens & tweens will dive right into this tough discussion. We’ll go over tips and resources for parents and caregivers on this sensitive, yet important, topic.


Facilitated by: Wendy Conroy

Guiding Your Youth in Developing a Positive Body Image


As many youth enter puberty and their bodies begin to change, it isn’t uncommon for them to experience body image issues. Negative body image has been linked with substance use, eating disorders, and risky behavior in relationships. 


How do we help our youth develop a positive body image? How can we support them during a time that can be emotional, frightening, and formative to their identity? 


This conversation & parenting workshop will explore how to talk to your teen or tween about puberty, changes to their body, and the emotions that they’re feeling. We’ll also go over specific tips and resources to make their transition into adulthood and into their changing bodies (and your transition into parenting teenagers) easier and more comfortable.


Facilitator: Wendy Conroy

Meet Your Conversation Facilitator!


Wendy Conroy is a trained Health Educator with a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan. She has been leading sexuality education programs for many years in Belmont, Arlington, and surrounding areas. She facilitates parenting workshops for teens & children to help parents navigate challenging conversations about relationships and sexuality. 

In addition, she works to educate families about substance use and mental health issues that affect youth. Adding onto that Master’s Degree is her personal experience raising two teens, giving her the first hand understanding of what parents today are facing with their children.