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We are quite certain there are moments you truly can’t believe that your little baby is now in elementary school or maybe even out and about as an independent tween or teenager! As our children reach these formative ages, it’s important to communicate with them openly and take part in important conversations about navigating their world, bodies, and social relationships. 


The Loved Child offers a variety of helpful online parenting workshops for parents and caregivers of elementary-age children, tweens & teens. These expert-facilitated workshops bring parents together from the community so that we can feel empowered by evidence-based information and support one another around challenging topics such as screen-time use, social media, sexuality, and mental health.


We also offer one-on-one consultations with professionals who will help you navigate some common development challenges.

Check out our workshop and consultation offerings below!

Parenting Workshops

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One-On-One Support

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Parenting Support


TLC Consultations address the following typical parenting experiences:

      • Stress in Tweens and Teens
      • Screen Time and Tips for Managing It
      • Substance Misuse and Tweens/Teens
      • Bullying and Cyberbullying
      • LGBTQ + Youth