Parenting Programs for Nonprofit & Educational Institutions

Empowering Families from Expectancy through the Teen Years

The Loved Child’s interactive programs are live-streamed or facilitated in-person.

Your Unique Opportunity to Nurture Relationships

You know the cliches, “If only babies were born with instruction manuals!” and “It takes a village to raise a child.” The sentiments these convey are pervasive: unfortunately, many parents feel overwhelmed and are confused by conflicting parenting advice; yet ironically, even while bombarded with information, they often find themselves isolated while navigating their parenting journeys.


Nonprofit organizations such as medical, mental health, and wellness centers, public libraries, and community groups, as well as early childhood educational settings and schools, have the unique opportunity to nurture relationships between parents and other caregivers. And as these organizations work to build such connections and to disseminate trusted parenting and wellness information, their clients develop a strong sense of loyalty – a win-win outcome for both organization and client.


The parenting and wellness specialists at The Loved Child (TLC) facilitate interactive (not prerecorded) group and individual services. We are committed to providing parents and loving caregivers with the most up-to-date science behind child development and behavior. TLC’s experts translate and apply the latest research to everyday common parenting experiences – beginning with the period of expectancy and extending through the years of parenting babies, young children, tweens, and teens. Our personalized parenting programs empower parents with reliable information so that they feel more confident and knowledgeable, less stressed, and better connected to a community with whom they can share their parenting journey.

Parent-Friendly Programs

Organization Conversation Zoom Group

Interactive Groups

Expert-facilitated interactive and supportive group series for parents scheduled on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

Seminars & Workshops

Expert-facilitated educational group sessions on parenting and wellness topics.

Individual private sessions for expecting parents and those with babies, young children, tweens, and teens.

Parenting & Wellness Topics

Expecting parent

Expecting Parents

Preparing for Work Leave, Navigating Childcare Options, Labor & Delivery, Newborns 101, and many more.

New parent and newborn

New Parents

Returning to Work after Parental Leave, Breastfeeding 101, The Fourth Trimester: Sleep Support and Calming Techniques, A Realistic Self-Care Plan, Housebound Fitness, and many more.

Parent with toddlers and young children

Parents of Toddlers & Young Children

Positive Discipline, Anger Management for Parents, Preventing Picky Eating, Sleep Support for Stressful Times, Mindfulness Strategies, Cultivating a Strong Relationship with Your Co-parent, and many more.

Parents of tweens & teens huddled together

Parents of Teens & Tweens

Parenting Battles in the Digital Age, Understanding the Teenage Brain, How to Talk with Teens about Their Bodies & Sexuality, Practicing Gratitude, How to Read a Food Label, and many more.

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