We wouldn’t be surprised if you have previously read how important it is for young children to have consistent and predictable routines, daily opportunities exploring books, open-ended and self-directed play with peers, musical moments…and the list goes on and on. TLC Play & Parenting classes include all these evidence-based components, and many more, for optimal early development. As many of you know, these classes follow a very predictable routine with a new developmental focus and group activity each week. What makes these TLC classes unlike all other classes in our community is that there is an equal focus on the development of the parents (or loving caregivers). Just as we know how important it is for infants, babies, toddlers and preschoolers to have opportunities to connect and build relationships with peers, we also know how critical it is for parents to have social support and parenting education. Each week parents will have the opportunity to connect around common parenting challenges and experiences. Please take a moment before class and read this article from Parents Magazine reviewing a new study investigating the impact pregnancy and parenting has on the self-esteem of mothers.