Overview: Developmental Play & Parenting Classes at The Loved Child

Overview: Developmental Play & Parenting Classes at The Loved Child

The foundation for every class at The Loved Child (TLC) is that all parents and caregivers need to have trusted and supportive relationships to nurture healthy development and behavior in young children. Similarly, TLC classes promote and support interactions between young children– necessary for early learning through play.

The Loved Child offers a variety of unique weekly Developmental Play & Parenting Classes from the newborn period through the preschool years, where each class is designed to equally support both the children’s learning through play and to provide expert-lead parenting support.  Classes are organized with an optimal balance between group structured play, self-directed open-choice play, and an organized moment for caregivers to receive individual or group support around typical parenting concerns.

Supporting the abundant research on the importance of early literacy opportunities and the value of repetition in early learning, every TLC child, beginning with the Infant Class, is given a developmentally appropriate TLC Class Book to bring home for daily reading and to experience weekly at class Book Time.

Each weekly TLC class has a Developmental Focus, Parent Topic, and Group Developmental Activity–  an activity to highlight the weekly area of development (water play, arts & crafts, sensory play, musical movement etc.).  In advance of each class, families receive the TLC Weekly Newsletter with evidence-based resources supporting the developmental focus (for example, creative, fine/gross motor, cognitive, language, social/emotional, & nature development),  in addition to family-friendly articles on common parenting topics such as Sleep Challenges, Mealtime Struggles, Positive Discipline, and Toilet Training.   Home Ideas follow at the end of the week, which often include links to creative and trusted blog sites with activities specific to the reviewed area of development.  All these resources, often with adorable pictures from class, are also available on facebook.com/thelovedchild.

The Loved Child offers the following classes to accommodate your family:

Infant I (newborn- 3 months)

Infant II (3 months- 5 months)

Babies (5 months- walking)

Ones (walking to 24 months)

Twos (24 months- 36 months)

Twos & Threes (24 months- preschool years)

Siblings (mixed ages)

Family (weekend classes with caregiver(s))

Please click HERE for a detailed description of the 1-hour TLC Developmental Play & Parenting Class Routine.