Toddlers (walking-24 Months)

Toddler Classes & Parenting Workshops of All Shapes and Sizes!


In the blink of an eye, your little baby isn’t so little anymore! Now, you’re looking at your curious  toddler toddling around exploring and discovering new things about the world. As your little scientist becomes more autonomous, you may even begin to experience typical challenging toddler behaviors such as tantrums, hurting behaviors, not listening, and/or not sharing. 


At TLC, we love EVERYTHING about toddlers! We host a variety of toddler classes that are fun, creative, educational, and supportive for families living in the entire Greater Boston region — Belmont, Cambridge, Arlington, Waltham, Watertown and beyond. Perhaps you’ve tried out some of our newborn classes and baby classes and now it’s time to take the next step!


TLC’s toddler classes encourage your growing toddler’s development and learning through exploration and group play. And, our evening and weekend workshops for parents and loving caregivers empower adults for all the challenging parenting moments that come along with taking care of toddlers.


Check out our class and parenting workshop offerings below!

Play & Parenting



Play & Parenting is one of our most popular toddler classes that we offer. Families come from all throughout the Greater Boston area to experience these enjoyable and educational classes for both toddlers and the loving adults who care for them. We know from current brain research that during the early years of life, play is the best method for learning. We also know that toddlers learn best when there is a predictable daily routine and they are surrounded by trusted and consistent adults and friends. You and your little one will love and benefit from TLC Play & Parenting classes where each weekly class is designed to set up toddlers for their very best!.


Each weekly TLC Play & Parenting Class has a Developmental Focus, Adult Discussion Topic, and Group Developmental Activity. The activity is designed to highlight the weekly area of development and consists of group play such as water and sensory play, arts & crafts, musical instruments, movement, and dance.


Every TLC family receives their own copy of the class book and is encouraged to explore it daily at home. Families also receive the TLC Weekly Newsletter via email with evidence-based resources supporting the developmental focus, in addition to articles on common parenting topics such as sleep challenges, mealtime struggles, positive discipline, and toilet training.


Classes offered:

BABIES (5 months–walking)

ONES/TWOS (walking–36 months)

MIXED AGES (walking–48 months)  

SIBLINGS/MIXED AGES (newborn to 48 months)  

(Siblings 5 months and under are free)


If there is space available, families are welcome to join our ongoing TLC classes. Please register below or contact us at to join for a prorated amount.



Music & Movement with Jeff Jam

JJ Ta Da hands alternate railings (2)

Come sing, dance, clap, stomp, shake, wiggle, laugh and jump with Jeff Jam at The Loved Child after nap time! 


Children (0-5 years), with a caregiver, will enjoy playing a variety of percussion instruments such as shaker eggs, rhythm sticks, tambourines and jingle bells. And, as current research in child development has shown, this musical experience will benefit all areas of your child’s development!


Instructor: Jeff Jam



If there is space available, families are welcome to join our ongoing TLC classes. Please register below or contact us at to join for a prorated amount.



Family Yoga with Nora

Family Yoga -Mobile_Moment(3)

Yoga toddler classes utilize the practice and philosophy of yoga to help children connect with their bodies and the world around them. Our children’s yoga classes incorporate stories, games, songs, and verse while introducing little yogis to asanas (postures), breathing exercises, and yoga philosophy. 


Nora offers classes that are rich with imagery, encourage awareness of the natural world, and help kids cultivate mindful awareness, self-compassion, confidence, and a sense of community.


This class is intended for families with children ages 15 to 48 months.

Instructor: Nora Dybdal

Toddle Tots Yoga with Nicole

Adorable funny baby girl standing with her head down in a summer

This class for crawling babies and toddlers extends the curriculum of Baby Yoga, adding new postures and activities for our newly crawling and walking tots! Toddle Tots Yoga is a great class for energetic toddlers to move and explore the wonderful things that their growing bodies can do!


Our amazing instructor Nicole Incorporates stories, music, and movement into classic yoga poses and breathing exercises.


This class is intended for crawlers to toddlers (ages 1-3 yrs) and a loving caregiver.

Instructor: Nicole Giroux

Parent Workshops & Support Groups


We welcome loving caregivers and parents to experience our expert-facilitated parenting workshops on a wide range of topics including expectancy classes to newborn parenting classes all the way up to support during the teen years.