Important Update: TLC Family Center

Important Update: TLC Family Center

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”


Dear TLC Families,

I shared that familiar proverbial phrase in the first newsletter for the spring semester of TLC Play & Parenting Classes (along with TLC’s famous recipe for lemon-scented homemade playdough). I’ve always been drawn to the positive, can-do attitude it encapsulates, and have found the sentiment especially helpful during challenging times in my life.  This has proven to be such a time.

We are all aware that there are a great many unknowns as we move into the next phase of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether attempts to resume a degree of normalcy in our activities will go smoothly or prompt a resurgence of disease is a concern on all our minds. Safety has always been our top priority at The Loved Child and in the face of uncertainty, I have made the difficult decision to formally suspend all in-person services at TLC Family Center as of June 30th.

Even though we will no longer be providing in-person programming at the Center, we will continue the majority of our virtual support and education. In addition, we plan to dedicate more energy to our TLC Parents@Work Program, in which parenting professionals provide support to parent employees in the workplace – beginning with expectancy and carrying right through to parenting during the teen years – to increase parent confidence, decrease work-life stresses, and (from the corporate perspective) improve employee morale and retention rates. One of the silver linings of this pandemic has been the increasing public and media attention paid to the many challenges parent employees face (as they have always faced) when attempting to integrate their many work and home responsibilities.

It would be extremely helpful for us as we plan future TLC services to receive feedback from you, our TLC community. Please click HERE to complete a short survey. As always, I hope you will freely reach out to me with questions or concerns.

With deep appreciation and TLC,

Jennifer Gillette
Director of The Loved Child, LLC


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