The Loved Child (TLC Family Center) offers a variety of expert-facilitated parent workshops for expecting parents and those with babies, toddlers, and young children. These workshops are held at the TLC Family Center typically during evening and weekend hours. TLC professionals also provide TLC Parent Workshops at on-site locations for parents at businesses (lunch & learns, before/after work hours), health care practices, wellness centers, early childhood programs (daycare centers, preschool programs, & elementary schools), private homes, and community parenting groups. Following is a sample list of our TLC Parent Workshops. If you do not see a requested topic below, please do not hesitate to be in touch:

o Supporting Sibling Relationships with TLC
o Preparing Parents & Siblings for a New Baby
o Healthy Sleep Support for Families with Infants & Babies
o Healthy Sleep Support for Families with Toddlers & Preschoolers
o Toilet Training with Tender Loving Care: Ready, Set, Go!
o Supporting Empathy and Self-Regulation in Young Children
o Tuning into Your Child’s Unique Temperament Style
o Why Do We Keep Yelling? Anger Management for Caregivers
o Skills for Stretched and Stressed Parents
o Understanding & Managing Stress in Our Daily Lives: Parenting with Mindfulness
o An Overview of Positive Discipline
o Peaceful Parenting: A Relationship Building Parenting Approach
o Peaceful Parenting for Busy Families
o Toddlers 101: Tantrums, Hurting Behaviors, & “It’s Mine!”o Relationship Changes for Parents with Young Children
o Infant/Child/Adult CPR, Safety, & First Aid
o Feed Your Body from the Inside Out
o The Benefits of Acupuncture During Pregnancy & Beyond
o Let’s Be Honest: How to Talk with School-Aged Children About Their Bodies and Sexuality
o Let’s Be Honest: How to Talk with Young Children About Their Bodies and Sexuality
o Estate Planning for Families with Young Children
o Financial Management for Families with Young Children

Monday drop-in play has been canceled. If you purchased a pass and haven't used it, please contact us.