Now that you have been introduced to the Touchpoints concept, you will probably notice that when your baby acquires a new developmental skill, another area of development or behavior will plateau or even regress. For example, your little one has been sleeping through the night for weeks now. But the last couple nights she has been up every three hours. Then, yesterday you noticed her pulling-up-to-stand at the coffee table. A Touchpoint moment has occurred! 
Familiarizing yourself with the Touchpoint’s concept will be extremely helpful going forward in your parenting. Understanding your child’s Touchpoints will help you prepare for these predictable moments in development when you will see a regression in behavior AND a step forward in development. Please click HERE to read a helpful article on the benefits of understanding the concept of Touchpoints. And, in your weekly TLC Play & Parenting class, you are welcome to share your personal experiences with your little one(s) Touchpoint moments.