We have come to that time in the semester when we dedicate two consecutive weeks to addressing challenging behaviors in young children. This week we will focus on the common (and annoying) behavior of little ones throwing food off the high chair during mealtimes.
There may be a few fortunate caregivers in your TLC Baby Play & Parenting class who have not yet observed food throwing. These lucky few will now be prepared for what likely is ahead! On the other hand, some of you may have already passed through this challenging developmental stage. If so, perhaps you will be willing to share some parenting tips with your classmates.

When the cuteness wears off, and food throwing becomes a game—one where you’re the loser—it can become frustrating (the mess!) and worrisome (there’s more food on the floor and wall than in your baby’s mouth!).

Before class, please review this helpful resource from Today’s Parent. In class, we will discuss why children throw and brainstorm about the many ways how we can respond to this frustrating- yet common- behavior.