All children are born with a distinct temperament. As parents we can’t control this raw material, but we can try to give our children the environment that will best help them to make the most of their potential.
Before we move on to more specific parenting questions and concerns such as eating, sleeping, positive discipline, sharing, toilet training, and many more, let’s back pedal and introduce the concept of temperament in young children.
The professionals at The Loved Child strongly recommend parents familiarize themselves with the concept of temperament. Click HERE to review an excellent overview on temperament from The Center on Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) at Vanderbilt University. In our weekly TLC Play & Parenting classes, we will have a moment to complete the Temperament Continuum found on page five of this document. We strongly suggest that BOTH parents complete the survey and even take the next step to address your own temperament styles.

How much influence and impact can we really have on our children in terms of their individual temperament styles? This week we are sharing a resource from a must read for parents of children of all ages. Enjoy Dr. Laura’s seven suggestions how best support and nurture a child’s unique temperament style.