We are at that time of the semester – the one week of the semester where we focus completely on us– the tender loving caregivers of our children. In past semesters our class discussions have focused on topics such as practicing mindfulness, easing our parental guilt, improving our relationships with our co-parents, and committing to a weekly activity/hobby which fills our parenting reserves.
This week we will address the common yet unfortunate practice of bullying ourselves. The majority of us have spent numerous moments internally hurting ourselves by saying things like:

“You’re a terrible mother.”
“You suck at this.”
“Well, you screwed up again.” 

“Everyone else has it together. Why don’t you?”

Please take a moment before class to read the work of local therapist Carla Naumburg, Ph.D.The good news is Dr. Naumburg provides us suggestions how we can stop this unhealthy and hurtful practice.