Healthy Family Eating: SNACKS 101

Healthy Family Eating: SNACKS 101

As parents ourselves, we know preparing and feeding our children can be a (very) stressful component of parenting. For some of us, we worried our little ones aren’t eating enough healthy foods. For other loving caregivers, we worry that perhaps our children are eating too much! The upcoming parent topic this week is Healthy Family Eating- specifically focused on snacks. 

As you will soon read in our weekly resource from Parents magazine, many of our mealtime challenges can be explained by allowing our children (and ourselves) to snack too often and too much throughout the day.

There are many reasons parents allow kids graze all day long. From our crazy busy life where eating happens on the go to a real fear that a child will not get enough food to grow and thrive otherwise, grazing has become a new “normal” of child feeding.

Please click HERE to review this extremely helpful and interesting article on snacks. And, as always, bring your questions and personal parenting experiences to your weekly TLC Parenting & Play Class.

We also invite you (and your parenting friends in your local community) to join us for TLC’s upcoming Nutrition & Meal Planning Workshop Series. You are welcome to join one workshop or all three! Please click HERE to read about this excellent and evidence-based event.