Supporting Empathy in Children

Supporting Empathy in Children

Yet again our weekly topic may appear, at first glance, developmentally not appropriate for parents attending TLC Play & Parenting classes. You may feel that talking about supporting empathy in toddlers and preschoolers is a bit premature. TLC couldn’t disagree more!

From day one, our children are modeling our behaviors and listening to our discussions. We are their first teachers and, perhaps, the most influential teachers they will ever have! Now is the time to talk with your co-parent and make decisions and choices that reflect your family’s values.

In recent decades, the cultural emphasis on material goods, consumption, appearance, and personal achievement has pushed traits like empathy, kindness, and generosity to a low-priority position.

Click HERE for a fantastic list of books from that, over time with repetition and family discussion, may help your little ones comprehend the important concepts of what is means to be thankful.

Please click HERE to review a recent article from the Boston Globe addressing current trends in parenting and, unfortunately, the steady decline in empathy in children. This topic couldn’t be more timely with the recent presidential election and Thanksgiving holiday next week.