Night Wakings: Healthy Family Sleep

Night Wakings: Healthy Family Sleep

Now that we have completed our class parent topic on the importance of recognizing and respecting individual child and parent temperament styles, we can move onto the many common (and often challenging) parenting concerns.

We begin with one of the most popular parent complaints: toddler night wakings. Before class, please review this fascinating evidence-based article, from, on why all children wake at night, what causes these wakings, and, yes, what we can do to support our children to return to sleep. 

While your children are involved in the class group developmental activity, parents will have the opportunity to share their own personal late-night struggles around toddler night wakings. We have no doubt there will be other loving caregivers who have had similar experiences!

If your family would benefit from more individualized sleep support, please join us at the following events: 1. Sleep Cafe for Parents of Toddlers & Preschoolers 2. TLC Gentle Sleep Support for Parents with Children 0-2 years and TLC Gentle Sleep Support for Parents with Children 2-4 years.

When children are aroused in the middle of the night, they may fall back asleep quietly on their own. It’s only when kids don’t fall back to sleep quietly—but wake up their parents instead—that night arousals are perceived to be a problem.