2015 The Loved Child’s Gift Suggestions for Families with Young Children from Infancy- Preschool Years

2015 The Loved Child’s Gift Suggestions for Families with Young Children from Infancy- Preschool Years

Following is The Loved Child’s selected collection of gift suggestions for young children from the newborn period through the preschool years. The Loved Child is NOT endorsing specific products. Rather, we are providing samples of toys, books, and gifts which are safe and appropriate for each range of development, appeal to children over time, promote creative and open-ended play, and support developing skills for future learning. Please feel free to share this list with friends, grandparents, aunts, and uncles!

Newborn- Six Months:

  • Rattles & Mouthing Toys such as NogginRings, Chewbeads necklaces, Skwish Classic, and Sophie giraffe
  • Soft Blocks such as Infantino Activity Blocks and Baby Einstein Explore & Discover.
  • Books with High Contrast Color such as Black & White, Cluck & Moo and Look Look!
  • Wrist & Foot Rattles such as Lamaze Wrist and Foot Finder
  • Infant Carrier such as ERGObaby Four Position, BabyBjorn Baby Carrier and Moby Wrap
  • Exercise/Therapy Ball
  • Parenting Books such as Your Baby is Speaking to You by Kevin Nugent and The Complete and Authoritative Guide Caring for Your Baby and Young Child by American Academy of Pediatrics

Six Months- Walking:

  • Rattles & Mouthing Toys such as HABA Clutching Toy Magica, Green Toy Twist Tether, and Baby Whoozit
  • Stacking Play such as PipSquigz and Tobbles Neo
  • Puppets such as Folkmanis puppets and Melissa & Doug Farm Animals
  • First Puzzles such as Barnyard Animals with Jumbo Knobs
  • Soft Books such as Lamaze Peek-a-Boo and Haba First Words Bugy Book
  • Sensory Balls such as EduShape Sensory Balls
  • Movement Play such as a ball pit with balls and Playhut folding tunnel
  • Creative Play such as Eco-Finger Paint or Veggie Finger Paint with roll of paper
  • Parenting Books such as Touchpoints by T. Berry Brazelton and Zero to Five: 70 Parenting Tips Based on Science by Tracey Cutchlow

Walking- Two Years:

  • Cause & Effect Toys such as Early Melodies Pound and Tap Bench, Hammer Balls, Rolligo, and Shape Sorter Cube
  • Puzzles Chunky such as Green Start Chunky Wooden Puzzles
  • Musical Instruments such as Hohner instruments
  • Board Books: Click HERE for board book suggestions
  • First Dramatic Play such as a Childcraft Multi-Ethnic Baby Doll or Learn to Dress Monkey
  • Movement Play such as Radio Flyer Classic Walking Wagon and pull toys
  • Early Creative Play such as Crayola Pip Sqweaks Markers and Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayons with a roll of paper
  • Self-Care Gifts such as Baby Bjorn Smart Potty and Onaroo OK to Wake Clock
  • Parenting Books such as Einstein Never Used Flash Cards by Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and The Power of Play by David Elkind


Two years- Preschool Years:

  • Open-Ended Play such as a train table, play kitchen, road/town rug with accessories
  • Building Toys such as Magna-Tiles, Community Playthings Wooden Blocks, Smart Max, Lego Duplo Blocks and Squigz
  • Puzzles such as Beginner Pattern Blocks and Giant Floor Puzzles
  • Creative Play such as an Melissa & Doug’s Easel and Chubby Paint Brushes with non-toxic washable paints and smock
  • Story Books: Click HERE for book suggestions
  • Indoor Movement Play such as Ball Pit with Balls, Hop Top Trampoline, and Rody Horse
  • Toddler-size Table & Chairs or Activity Table such as Carolina Table Pottery Barn
  • Parenting Books such as Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Laura Markham and Nurture Shock by Po Bronson

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