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The Loved Child is now offering classes, workshops and events online!

TLC Classes & Events for Families Online


Play & Parenting Classes – Online


TLC’s Play & Parenting classes offer a fun, supportive, and engaging routine for families to enjoy together. While we realize that young children learn best by hands-on exploration and through social interaction, we have no doubt that both little ones and their loving caregivers (you!) will benefit from connecting online – even for brief moments – together weekly.


Each weekly class will last 45-minutes and follow a very predictable routine similar to what is described below:

      1. Hello Circle
      2. Songs 
      3. Parachute Time
      4. Movement Time with Music 
      5. Lotion & Booktime
      6. Bubbles
      7. Adult Check-In/Discussion Time


Classes offered:

  • BABIES (5 months–walking)
  • ONES/TWOS (walking–36 months)
  • MIXED AGES (walking–48 months)
  • SIBLINGS/MIXED AGES (newborn to 48 months)
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Music & Movement with Jeff Jam Online


Come sing, dance, clap, stomp, shake, wiggle, laugh and jump with Jeff Jam online after nap time! Children (0-5 years), with a caregiver, will enjoy playing instruments found in your home while singing along with Jeff Jam.


April 16 – June 18th | 10 sessions

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FREE Book Time with TLC!


Come join other young children in the community and enjoy watching TLC instructors share picture books.

Monday to Friday @ 5pm


Join Here:

Meeting ID: 728 132 028
Password: 553585

Prenatal Classes

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Preparing For Childbirth


Learn what to expect with labor, birth, and the postpartum period in our Preparing for Childbirth class. Topics include:

  • Physical changes during pregnancy
  • Signs & stages of labor
  • When to call your provider
  • Pain relief options
  • Coping methods & comfort techniques
  • Role of the support person
  • Induction
  • Cesarean birth
  • Postpartum changes

There will be ample time for personal questions throughout the class as well. This class is intended for the person expecting & a support person.

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Newborn 101


We all have parenting instincts that kick in after our babies are born, but informing those instincts with evidence-based information and expert advice through newborn classes makes raising babies with confidence so much easier.


Our Newborn 101 class helps you learn about caring for your baby after birth. Topics include bringing baby home, infant sleep patterns and expectations, how to know what your baby wants by reading their cues, feeding choices, diapering, bathing, soothing your baby, illness, and more!

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Breastfeeding Your Baby


Let us help you prepare for the arrival of your little one by discussing all you need to know about initiating breastfeeding after delivery. Knowledge is definitely power when it comes to breastfeeding success in the early days.

We will discuss proper latch & positioning, recognizing your baby’s feeding cues, how often to feed your baby, and how to solve some common breastfeeding problems.

We look forward to answering all of your questions and helping you get comfortable and confident with the idea of breastfeeding your new baby!

Online Parenting Workshops

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Peaceful Parenting: An Effective, Relationship-Building Approach


Are you interested in learning about an evidence-based parenting approach that focuses on creating a life-long emotional connection with your children? Are you tired of feeling horrible after losing your cool with your children?

This workshop introduces the three components of peaceful parenting which focus on strengthening our relationships with our children rather than controlling their behaviors.


We will address:

  • anger management and mindful practices
  • the importance of connected moments
  • effective limit setting skills


Participants will have the opportunity to put peaceful parenting in practice with the top 5 challenging behaviors of young children. Helpful resources will be available in addition to time for personal questions.

This workshop is appropriate for parents & loving caregivers of newborns to early school-age children.

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Positive Discipline for Families with Young Children


Are you wondering how best to manage your young child’s challenging behaviors such as temper tantrums, aggressive behaviors, and whining? Are you confused about the conflicting advice about time-outs, time-ins, and stickers charts?


Join us for an overview of Positive Discipline and learn some practical solutions how best to support your child during challenging moments. This workshop will highlight the importance of temperament, early brain development, the difference between discipline and punishment, helpful preventive measures, and possible solutions for difficult moments. Helpful resources will be available in addition to time for personal questions.


This online workshop is appropriate for parents & loving caregivers of children 1-6 years.


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