Special Events & Free Wednesdays


Baby Prints Salt Marsh

Beautiful soft pastel baby hands and feet ceramic tiles to capture a moment in time with your child. Please register below AND set up an appointment time with Salt Marsh Pottery by calling: 800 859 5028.


Facilitator: Salt Marsh Pottery

Price: Varies depending on type of tile selected


Free TLC Family Yoga with Nora

Children’s yoga classes incorporate stories, games, songs and verse while introducing little yogis to asanas (postures), breathing exercises and yoga philosophy. The instructor offers classes that are rich with imagery, encourage awareness of the natural world, and help kids (and caregivers) cultivate mindful awareness, self-compassion, confidence, and a sense of community. This class is intended for children ages toddler to preschool and a loving caregiver.


Instructor: Nora Dybdal

Free TLC Sing-Along

Come sing and dance with Jeff Jam or play Music with Emily on a Wednesday afternoon after nap time and/or after preschool at The Loved Child.

Children of all ages with a caregiver are most welcome!

Due to popularity and limited space, families MUST register for each sing-a-long.  You may register for multiple events at one time, up to a maximum of 5.

Free TLC Story-time Yoga with Nicole

Combining children’s love of stories with their need to move their bodies, Yoga Story-time introduces children to basic elements of mindfulness through books, yoga poses, simple breathing exercises, music, and more. From energizing tales and poses to relaxing rhythms and deep breaths, this active story-time gives everyone a chance to breathe in…and let it all go.

This class is intended for children ages toddler to preschool and a loving caregiver.