Play & Parenting

Parenting & Infancy (0-6 months)


TLC New Parenting & Infancy Classes are unique and unlike all other parent/infant classes!


This enjoyable class includes a Parent Topic relevant to new parents, and a weekly focus on an area of infant development, and/or infant behavior.


Families enrolled in the New Parent & Infancy class receive the TLC Weekly Newsletter with parent-friendly resources in preparation for the Parent Topic, Infant Development/Behavior Focus, and ideas for play & activities at home.

To promote early literacy, every family enrolled in the class, receives an age-appropriate board book to be shared in class weekly and daily at home.

Play & Parenting (5-48 months)

Play & Parenting is one of our most popular baby classes that we offer, with families coming from all throughout the Greater Boston area to experience the fun. Children have such rapidly-developing brains at these early developmental stages. Play is the best method of learning for  this age group as they explore the world around them.


Each weekly TLC class has a Developmental FocusParent Topic, and Group Developmental Activity – an activity to highlight the weekly area of development (water play, arts & crafts, sensory play, musical movement etc.).


Every TLC child is given a developmentally appropriate TLC Class Book to bring home for daily reading and to experience weekly at class Book Time. Families also receive the TLC Weekly Newsletter with evidence-based resources supporting the developmental focus,  in addition to articles on common parenting topics such as Sleep Challenges, Mealtime Struggles, Positive Discipline, and Toilet Training.


Classes offered:

  • BABIES (5 months–walking)
  • ONES/TWOS (walking–36 months)
  • MIXED AGES (walking–48 months)
  • SIBLINGS/MIXED AGES (newborn to 48 months)


Spring Semester 2020: April 13th – June 19th



Tot Time! – Preschool Prep & Play Drop-Off Class (29 – 48 months)

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Is your child scheduled to begin preschool in September? Would you like your to-be preschooler to have the opportunity to play with other peers, to follow a typical early childhood class routine, and to gently experience separating from you with TLC? 


The Loved Child (TLC) is offering a new play-based class to help transition two- to three-year-olds from our popular TLC Play & Parenting Classes to our Tot Time! – Preschool Prep & Play drop-off class! These 2-hour weekly classes are designed to foster readiness skills for preschool with a predictable class routine including circle time with songs and movement, group activities with a focus on pro-social skills, and Choice-Time for the opportunity for self-directed play. 


Since it may be your child’s first experience in a drop-off setting, we have designed the series to promote a gentle transition for fostering independence. The first class will include parents/caregivers for the first hour. Depending upon the readiness and comfort level of each unique child, adults will have the option to leave for the 2nd hour of the class. Thereafter, upon the readiness of the individual child, parents/caregivers may stay or decide when it is time to leave.  The instructors will support every family’s readiness for this separation.   


This class will be led by two TLC instructors – Nora Dybdal and Carrie Redi


Nora Dybdal currently teaches TLC Play & Parenting classes, and is a certified yoga instructor who also teaches pre & postnatal yoga classes at TLC! She adores working with children – witnessing their sense of wonder at the world around us and seeing their amazing creativity.


Carrie Redi is TLC’s Manager but she is also a former toddler daycare teacher and elementary art teacher! While she loves the day-to-day operations of everything to do with The Loved Child, she misses interacting with small children and other parents. She is excited to share her artistic & exploratory activities with the children and help to support them (and their parents) as they prepare for the next exciting chapter of life!