Play & Parenting

Parenting & Infancy (0-6 months)


TLC New Parenting & Infancy Classes are unique and unlike all other parent/infant classes!


This enjoyable class includes a Parent Topic relevant to new parents, and a weekly focus on an area of infant development, and/or infant behavior.


Families enrolled in the New Parent & Infancy class receive the TLC Weekly Newsletter with parent-friendly resources in preparation for the Parent Topic, Infant Development/Behavior Focus, and ideas for play & activities at home.

To promote early literacy, every family enrolled in the class, receives an age-appropriate board book to be shared in class weekly and daily at home.

Play & Parenting (5-48 months)

Each weekly TLC class has a Developmental FocusParent Topic, and Group Developmental Activity – an activity to highlight the weekly area of development (water play, arts & crafts, sensory play, musical movement etc.).


Every TLC child is given a developmentally appropriate TLC Class Book to bring home for daily reading and to experience weekly at class Book Time. Families also receive the TLC Weekly Newsletter with evidence-based resources supporting the developmental focus,  in addition to articles on common parenting topics such as Sleep Challenges, Mealtime Struggles, Positive Discipline, and Toilet Training.


Classes offered:

  • BABIES (5 months–walking)
  • ONES/TWOS (walking–36 months)
  • MIXED AGES (walking–48 months)
  • SIBLINGS/MIXED AGES (newborn to 48 months)


Winter Semester 2020: January 6th – March 27th

*Winter Semester Registration is OPEN!


Play & Parenting / Enrichment Class Bundles

Overhead View Of Babies Having Fun At Nursery Playgroup

Register for a Play & Parenting class and a TLC Enrichment class and save 20% off both classes!


Enrichment Classes include:

Music & Movement with Jeff Jam

Winter Wigglers

Mommy & Me | Baby Yoga & Massage

Rhythm & Rhyme Storytime

Toddle Tots Yoga

Bonding with Baby Yoga