Parent Workshops & Support Groups

Welcoming the New Baby with TLC: Preparing for the Baby Sibling

Preparing the family for a new baby can be simultaneously joyful and stressful.

This TLC 2-part series is geared toward both the expectant parents and siblings (2.9 years and older).


  • At the 1-hour family workshop, we will explore what the addition of a new baby means for everyone in the family through books, a variety of hands-on activity stations, and take-home arts & crafts projects (shhhhh, families will also create a gift for the new baby too!). The class price includes all materials in addition to a new take-home picture book for the family to explore at home.


  • At the parent workshop the following evening, parents will receive support and education how best to prepare the family for the arrival of the newest baby. In addition, the workshop will include suggestions how to prepare the sibling(s) for the separation from the parents during birth; recommendations how to introduce the sibling(s) to the new baby; and a group discussion focused on the first weeks/months at home including possible parenting challenges. There will be time for personal questions & answers.


All registrations are per family, and include both the whole-family morning workshop and the parent-only evening workshop.

Peaceful and Positive Parenting for Busy Parents

This workshop will provide busy parents and loving caregivers an overview of a peaceful parenting approach that focuses on strengthening relationships rather than attempting to control young children’s behaviors. Parent will learn the three components of peaceful parenting and receive simple, effective, and evidence-based strategies to implement at home. We will put peaceful parenting into practice and address the most challenging times of the day: getting out the door, dinner time, and bedtime. There will be time for personal questions and answers.

Peaceful Parenting: A simple, effective, and relationship-building parenting approach

Today’s parents are inundated with often conflicting advice for how to change, “fix”, and control their children’s behavior. Many parents of young children are confused and overwhelmed by the myriad strategies for effective discipline, including time-outs, time-ins, counting to three, ignoring bad behavior, using star charts to reward good behavior, and guiding behavior through the use of natural consequences.

In this evening workshop designed for parents of young children one- to five-years-old, TLC will introduce the three main components of the Peaceful Parenting approach. Participants will apply the approach to better manage real-life parental challenges such as temper tantrums, hurting behaviors, and whining. Participants will leave the workshop with new insights into handling their own emotions, a host of practical parenting tools, and greater confidence in building a lifelong connection with their children.

Sleep Support Groups

Join experienced pediatric sleep consultant and child development specialist, Sarah Kerrigan, as she facilitates a drop-in support group for parents of children 0-4 years.

Come share your experiences and struggles around sleep with parents who can relate! Learn from the group, gain the support of others, and gather information on the science behind your child’s sleep as well as practical tips from our expert facilitator.

Little ones are VERY welcome to attend this unique group with a loving caregiver!

Supporting Sibling Relationships

Sibling rivalry is unavoidable and inevitable but the good news is there are proven and evidence-based solutions parents can implement to make an enormous difference in sibling relationships. Participants will learn simple and concrete strategies for minimizing conflicts and suggestions on how to foster loving and life-long relationships between siblings. This workshop is appropriate for families with children 0 – 7 years.


The workshop will include:

  • Siblings 101: spacing, birth order, and temperament, gender differences
  • Tools to prevent sibling rivalry and jealousy
  • Strategies to build sibling bonding
  • Suggestions how to decrease competition and fights over possessions
  • How best to intervene during challenging moments
  • Take-home parent resources
  • Time for personal questions & answers


*Please note: The Loved Child hosts a separate event for preparing older siblings for the arrival of a new baby sibling called Welcoming the New Baby with TLC. This unique workshop has two parts: Part 1: Parents and siblings (2.9 – 7 years) participate in hands-on activities and create take-home gifts to prepare the older siblings for the arrival of the newest sibling. Part 2 The parents-only workshop addresses how best the parents can prepare the family for the new baby, how best to prepare the siblings for the upcoming (possible) separation during the birth, the introduction of the siblings to the baby, and the first days/weeks at home with the new baby and older siblings. If interested in this workshop, please click here.