Parent Workshops & Support Groups

Prenatal Classes & Workshops

Preparing For Childbirth


Learn what to expect with labor, birth, and the postpartum period.  Topics include:


  • physical changes during pregnancy
  • signs & stages of labor
  • when to call your provider
  • pain relief options
  • coping methods & comfort techniques
  • the role of the support person
  • induction
  • cesarean birth
  • postpartum changes


This class is intended for the expecting woman & a support person and offered in the TLC Family Center –  a welcoming, non-hospital setting.

This class meets once a week for 2 weeks.

Newborn 101

Mother and Father holding their new born multi ethnic baby. The mother is smiling and the father is kissing the baby's head.

Please join us to learn about caring for your baby after birth. Topics include bringing baby home, infant sleep patterns and expectations, how to know what your baby wants by reading his or her cues, feeding choices, diapering, bathing, soothing your baby, and illness.


This class is for up to two of the baby’s intended caregivers.

Breastfeeding Your New Baby

mother and newborn baby  lactation on white background

Knowledge is definitely power when it comes to breastfeeding success in the early days. Let us help you prepare for the arrival of your little one by discussing all you need to know about initiating breastfeeding after delivery.

We will discuss proper latch and positioning, recognizing your baby’s feeding cues, how often to feed your baby and how to solve some common breastfeeding problems. We look forward to answering all of your questions and helping you get comfortable and confident with the idea of breastfeeding your new baby!

Prenatal Yoga & Self-Care

Learn techniques for taking care of yourself before and after baby arrives.


We will discuss common injuries and irritations associated with pregnancy and infant care and learn some exercises which are easy to incorporate into your day to help prevent and treat these issues. Methods will include visualization, massage, and yoga, as well as other self care practices intended to help you cultivate a loving, accepting attitude during this amazing, challenging, and life-changing process.



New Grandparents Class


This class is designed to give grandparents an update on recent changes in childbirth and early infant care. Back to Sleep, Tummy Time, Swaddling and Safety – we’ll get you up to speed, as well as discuss ways to support the new parents.

Parenting Workshops/Support Groups

Positive Discipline for Families with Young Children


Are you wondering how best to manage your young child’s challenging behaviors such as temper tantrums, aggressive behaviors, and whining? Are you confused about the conflicting advice about time-outs, time-ins, and stickers charts? Join us for an overview of Positive Discipline and learn some practical solutions how best to support your child during challenging moments. This workshop will highlight the importance of temperament, early brain development, the difference between discipline and punishment, helpful preventive measures, and possible solutions for difficult moments. Helpful resources will be available in addition to time for personal questions. This workshop is appropriate for parents & loving caregivers of children 1-6 years.

How Food Affects a Child’s Mood and What To Do About It!


We are excited to have Danielle Shea Tan, author of 52 Small Changes for the Family and Functional Family Nutritionist, back for another workshop! This workshop will teach parents the science-behind how food impacts mood and behavior in children and share simple strategies for fueling your family with nutrients to support a healthy, balanced emotional life. Join us for an engaging discussion that is sure to help your children tackle life with vigor, clarity and calm.

What goes into your child’s body has a HUGE impact on his or her ability to thrive, sleep, manage big emotions and even transition from one activity to another or one place to another. If her diet is missing critical nutrients, the seemingly normal tasks of everyday life become daunting and almost impossible. Picky eaters are even more likely to be missing core nutrients for emotional balance.

Learn more about Danielle at

Peaceful and Positive Parenting for Busy Parents

Asian family smiling and laughing

This workshop will provide busy parents and loving caregivers an overview of a peaceful parenting approach that focuses on strengthening relationships rather than attempting to control young children’s behaviors. Parent will learn the three components of peaceful parenting and receive simple, effective, and evidence-based strategies to implement at home. We will put peaceful parenting into practice and address the most challenging times of the day: getting out the door, dinner time, and bedtime. There will be time for personal questions and answers.

Peaceful Parenting: An Effective, Relationship-Building Approach

mother talking with her unhappy son at home; shallow DOF, focus on mothers eyes

Are you interested in learning about an evidence-based parenting approach that focuses on creating a life-long emotional connection with your children? Are you tired of feeling horrible after losing your cool with your children?

This workshop introduces the three components of peaceful parenting which focus on strengthening our relationships with our children rather than controlling their behaviors.


We will address:

  • anger management and mindful practices
  • the importance of connected moments
  • effective limit setting skills


Participants will have the opportunity to put peaceful parenting in practice with the top 5 challenging behaviors of young children. Helpful resources will be available in addition to time for personal questions.

This two-part workshop is appropriate for parents & loving caregivers of newborns to early school-age children.

Sleep Support Group


Join experienced pediatric sleep consultant and child development specialist, Sarah Kerrigan, as she facilitates a sleep support group for parents of children 0-4 years.

Come share your experiences and struggles around sleep with parents who can relate! Learn from the group, gain the support of others, and gather information on the science behind your child’s sleep as well as practical tips from our expert facilitator.

Little ones are VERY welcome to attend this unique group with a loving caregiver!

Stop Picky Eating with Love, Patience and a Proven Approach

child girl with expression of disgust against vegetables

When unaddressed, picky eating can create major stress within a family. Unfortunately, strategies commonly used to encourage healthy eating such as “no thank you bites” or “dinner before dessert” eventually backfire and have been shown to create pickier eaters! Join this informative discussion to learn an evidence-based approach to raising competent, healthy eaters. You’ll get tips to address common feeding challenges such as food refusals and children’s food demands and walk away with practical action steps to use at home.


A favorite among parents, this workshop led by Danielle Shea Tan, Functional Family Nutritionist, author of 52 Small Changes for the Family, is sure to transform your meal times forever!

Supporting Sibling Relationships

TLC_Promotional_2018-185 (Medium)

Sibling rivalry is unavoidable and inevitable, but parents can learn simple solutions to greatly improve the relationship between siblings. This workshop will include an overview to spacing, birth order, and temperament, tools to prevent sibling rivalry and jealousy, strategies to build sibling bonding, suggestions how to decrease competition and fights over possessions, and how best to intervene during challenging moments. Helpful resources will be available in addition to time for personal questions.


This workshop is appropriate for parents & loving caregivers of children from the newborn period – early elementary years.

Toddlers 101: Tantrums, Hurting Behaviors and “It’s Mine!”

baby girl make funny face in soft selective focus

Are you a parent or caregiver of a soon-to-be toddler and want to be duly prepared for the upcoming toddler years? Or maybe you are already caring for a toddler and feel as if you would benefit from some extra tools in your parenting toolbox to best support your dynamic toddler.

In this workshop participants will receive an overview of the concept of temperament, typical toddler characteristics and development, and the importance of early brain development. We will address the most common challenging toddler behaviors parents and caregivers struggle with when caring for toddlers: tantrums, hurting behaviors, whining, not listening or sharing. Helpful resources will be available in addition to time for personal questions.


This workshop is appropriate for parents & loving caregivers of babies – preschool years.

Toilet Training with TLC: Ready? Set? Go!

Toddler smiling next to her potty seat

Are you wondering when the best time is to begin toilet training? Are you curious about which toilet training equipment you really need for home and travel? This workshop addresses everything toilet teaching including a family readiness quiz, necessary toilet training equipment, the use of pull-ups versus underwear, solutions for regressions and resistance, fun tips for toilet training success and much, much more. Helpful resources will be available in addition to time for personal questions.


This workshop is appropriate for parents & loving caregivers of children 12 months and older.

Welcoming the New Baby with TLC: Preparing for the Baby Sibling

TLC_Promotional_2018-124 (Small) (Medium)

Preparing the family for a new baby can be simultaneously joyful and stressful.

This TLC 2-part series is geared toward both the expectant parents and siblings (2.9 years and older).


  • At the 1-hour family workshop, we will explore what the addition of a new baby means for everyone in the family through books, a variety of hands-on activity stations, and take-home arts & crafts projects (shhhhh, families will also create a gift for the new baby too!). The class price includes all materials in addition to a new take-home picture book for the family to explore at home.


  • At the parent workshop the following evening, parents will receive support and education how best to prepare the family for the arrival of the newest baby. In addition, the workshop will include suggestions how to prepare the sibling(s) for the separation from the parents during birth; recommendations how to introduce the sibling(s) to the new baby; and a group discussion focused on the first weeks/months at home including possible parenting challenges. There will be time for personal questions & answers.


All registrations are per family, and include both the whole-family morning workshop and the parent-only evening workshop.