Music, Movement, & Art

Music & Movement Series with Jeff Jam

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Come sing, dance, clap, stomp, shake, wiggle, laugh and jump with Jeff Jam at The Loved Child after nap time! Children (0-5 years), with a caregiver, will enjoy playing a variety of percussion instruments such as shaker eggs, rhythm sticks, tambourines and jingle bells. And, as current research in child development has shown, this musical experience will benefit all areas of your child’s development!


Instructor: Jeff Jam


Spring Semester 2020: April 6th – June 26th

*Registration starts on February 14th!

Wiggle & Giggle with Nicole

Babies and toddlers are natural yogis–they constantly live in the moment (not to mention their flexibility!). But what about their caregivers?
A baby or toddler yoga class gives caregivers the opportunity to spend time focusing on nothing but being with their child in the present moment, a truly wonderful bonding experience.


Instructor: Nicole Giroux


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Yoga Babies


This child-centered class gives caregivers the opportunity to bond with babies on the mat from their earliest days, connecting through gentle massage and developmentally supportive movements for the babies; and mindfulness, gentle stretching, and relaxation for the adults.

For ages newborns to pre-crawlers with a loving caregiver.


Spring Series: Saturdays, April 11th – May 23rd (skips April 25th)
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Toddle Tots Yoga


This class for crawling babies and toddlers extends the curriculum of Baby Yoga, adding new postures and activities for our newly crawling and walking tots! Incorporating stories, music, and movement, Wiggle and Giggle is a great class for energetic toddlers to move and explore the wonderful things that their growing bodies can do!

For crawling babies to walkers up to 36 months with a loving caregiver.


Spring Series: Saturdays, April 11th – May 23rd (skips April 25th)

Yoga & Movement with Nora

newborn baby in the lap of mother

Mommy & Me Baby Yoga & Massage


This class provides a relaxed environment to explore yoga postures and self care techniques with your newborn infant. The hour-long class will include exercises for the child and for the adult. 


This is a newborn parenting class, too, so we also provide guidance for dealing with and/or preventing common repetitive stress injuries in new parents. 


This is a great opportunity to get the benefits of an asana (posture) practice while bonding with your child and having fun with other families!


Instructor: Nora Dybdal


If you wish to join a series that has already begun, please contact us at


Single Classes are available!


Winter Wigglers


The weather outside is frightful, but TLC is so delightful! Come in from the cold and join in on this playful movement class. We will have winter themed music and props as we dance, sing songs, play games, and get our winter wiggles out!

This class is intended for families with children walking to preschool.

Instructor: Nora Dybdal


Join us for the 6 Week Series or a Single Class!

Series begins on January 24th and ends on March 10th (skips February 18th).

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Family Yoga


Family yoga classes incorporate stories, games, songs and verse while introducing little yogis to asanas (postures), breathing exercises and yoga philosophy. The instructor offers classes that are rich with imagery, encourage awareness of the natural world, and help kids cultivate mindful awareness, self-compassion, confidence, and a sense of community.

This class is intended for families with children ages 15 mos. to 48 mos.


Instructor: Nora Dybdal


Upcoming Family Yoga Classes:


Spring Equinox Family Yoga – Saturday, March 14th @ 4pm

Join us for this special spring themed family yoga class. (Yes, it’s coming!) This class will incorporate yoga teachings through movement, songs and games!  The class will be geared toward toddler aged children, but all are welcome!

Free TLC Sing-Along with Jeff Jam


Come sing and dance with Jeff Jam on a Wednesday afternoon after nap time and/or after preschool at The Loved Child.

Children of all ages with a caregiver are most welcome!


Due to popularity and limited space, families MUST register for each sing-a-long.  You may register for multiple events at one time, up to a maximum of 5.