Babies (5 Months – Walking)

Families from Belmont, Cambridge, Boston and Beyond Love Our Baby Classes


Five months to walking is one of the most exciting and fun stages for both baby and parents alike. It’s this stage where babies are beginning to babble & laugh, show us their individual personalities, and learn even more about the world around them. That’s why our baby classes are some of the most popular and fun classes at The Loved Child!

Join your baby on this amazing journey of discovery and learning with our baby classes that families from Belmont to Boston to Cambridge and beyond love. Check out our class offerings below!

Play & Parenting Online


Play & Parenting is one of our most popular baby classes that we offer, with families coming from all throughout the Greater Boston area to experience the fun. Children have such rapidly-developing brains at these early developmental stages. Play is the best method of learning for  this age group as they explore the world around them.


Each weekly TLC Online Play & Parenting Class offers a Developmental Focus, Parent Topic, and Group Developmental Activity. The activity is designed to highlight the weekly area of development (water play, arts & crafts, sensory play, musical movement, etc).


Families will receive the TLC Weekly Newsletter with evidence-based resources supporting the developmental focus,  in addition to articles on common parenting topics such as Sleep Challenges, Mealtime Struggles, Positive Discipline, and Toilet Training.


Classes offered:

  • BABIES (5 months–walking)
  • ONES/TWOS (walking–36 months)
  • MIXED AGES (walking–48 months)
  • SIBLINGS/MIXED AGES (6 months to 48 months)



Parenting Workshops

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We welcome loving caregivers and parents to experience our expert-facilitated workshops on parenting topics from expectancy classes to newborn parenting classes all the way up to the teen years.


  • Peaceful Parenting: An Effective Relationship-Building Approach
  • Positive Discipline For Families with Young Children
  • Supporting Sibling Relationships with TLC