Babies (5 Months – Walking)

Families from Belmont, Cambridge, Boston and Beyond Love Our Baby Classes


Five months to walking is one of the most exciting and fun stages for both baby and parents alike. It’s this stage where babies are beginning to babble & laugh, show us their individual personalities, and learn even more about the world around them. That’s why our baby classes are some of the most popular and fun classes at The Loved Child!

Join your baby on this amazing journey of discovery and learning with our baby classes that families from Belmont to Boston to Cambridge and beyond love. Check out our class offerings below!

Play & Parenting


Play & Parenting is one of our most popular baby classes that we offer, with families coming from all throughout the Greater Boston area to experience the fun. Children have such rapidly-developing brains at these early developmental stages. Play is the best method of learning for  this age group as they explore the world around them.


Each weekly TLC Play & Parenting Class offers a Developmental Focus, Parent Topic, and Group Developmental Activity. The activity is designed to highlight the weekly area of development (water play, arts & crafts, sensory play, musical movement, etc).


Every TLC child is given a developmentally appropriate TLC Class Book to bring home for daily reading and to experience weekly at class Book Time. Families also receive the TLC Weekly Newsletter with evidence-based resources supporting the developmental focus,  in addition to articles on common parenting topics such as Sleep Challenges, Mealtime Struggles, Positive Discipline, and Toilet Training.


Classes offered:

  • BABIES (5 months–walking)
  • ONES/TWOS (walking–36 months)
  • MIXED AGES (walking–48 months)
  • SIBLINGS/MIXED AGES (newborn to 48 months)

(Siblings 5 months and under are free)

Music & Movement with Jeff Jam

JJ Ta Da hands alternate railings (2)

Come sing, dance, clap, stomp, shake, wiggle, laugh and jump with Jeff Jam at The Loved Child after nap time! 


Children (0-5 years) with a caregiver will enjoy playing a variety of percussion instruments such as shaker eggs, rhythm sticks, tambourines and jingle bells. And, as current research in child development has shown, this musical experience will benefit all areas of your child’s development!


Instructor: Jeff Jam


Mommy & Me | Baby Yoga & Massage

newborn baby in the lap of mother

TLC mommy and me classes provide a relaxed environment to explore yoga postures and self-care techniques while bonding with your little one. The hour will include exercises for the child and for the adult, as well as guidance dealing with and/or preventing common repetitive stress injuries in new parents.


This is a great opportunity to get the benefits of an asana (posture) practice while bonding with your child and having fun with other families!


Instructor: Nora Dybdal


If you wish to join a series that has already begun, please contact us at

Yoga Babies

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This child-centered baby class gives caregivers the opportunity to bond with babies on the mat from their earliest days.


This is one of our favorite baby classes since it connects you to your little one through gentle massage and developmentally supportive movements for the babies. Mindfulness, gentle stretching, and relaxation goes a long way for the parents in the class, too!


The atmosphere is perfect for socializing babies (and their parents!), making it much more than “mommy and me.” Whether you live in Belmont or Cambridge or Somerville, you’ll be sure to make some new connections here.


Once babies start walking, they often want to visit other children on their mats, which means it’s time for them to graduate to a toddler class!


If you wish to join a series that has already begun, please contact us at

Parent Workshops & Support Groups

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We welcome loving caregivers and parents to experience our expert-facilitated workshops on parenting topics from expectancy classes to newborn parenting classes all the way up to the teen years.